June 8, 2021

By Susan Baldwin and Gary Smith

Guest Co-Authors

The Washoe County School District Board of Trustees has proposed and votes this month to approve materials for their “Equity and Diversity” Training, with emphasis on CRT, or Critical Race Theory. While the Left and the WCSD Board deny the materials are CRT applications, the materials certainly follow the Marxist playbook. While the school board focuses time, money, and staff on this “Equity and Diversity” training, Washoe schools are among the worst in the nation in student performance measures.

Critical Race Theory or CRT holds systemic racism is ingrained in the United States. CRT teaches that anyone with white skin, including young children, is privileged based solely on their skin color. Parents are encouraged to inform themselves about what is being taught and proposed to be taught in Washoe County Schools. There are several ways to become educated and involved including attending WCSD Board Meetings, reviewing the WCSD website, reading the content, and sharing your thoughts and observations with other concerned parents.

The Marxist ideology that attempted to pit the working-class vs the upper classes failed due to the success of the middle class in the 50s and 60s. Marxism then repackaged itself to become identify politics thereby assigning race, ethnicity, and gender to various groups. These groups are divided into oppressor and oppressed, privileged and marginalized. The movement has now morphed into Critical Race Theory to rewrite U.S. history and allege inherent inequalities using race as the metric.

These children will be indoctrinated to feel guilty and make amends for the sins of their forbearers.  Viewed through this lens, all others are victims of white oppression. Shelby Steele, a black conservative author defines CRT this way: “Critical Race Theory is a device designed to capture white guilt. It has no other meaning, no other purpose, no other function than that. It wants to capture, to once again accuse whites of racism…You are being had. You are being shaken down over a history that you had nothing to do with, and there has to be some standing up there.”

There is no denying that our country has made significant progress in racial fairness and equality during the past few decades. But the Left is still not satisfied. Slowly and insidiously, a shift in tone, rhetoric, and logic has moved identity politics away from inclusion – which had always been the Left’s buzzword– toward exclusion and division. As a result, many have pivoted away from universalist rhetoric (like All Lives Matter), viewing it as an attempt to erase the specificity of the experience of historically marginalized minorities.

The tragic flaw in CRT is its denial of meaningful conversation about how to address racism. The most obvious example is the idea that to doubt America is still under systemic racism is to be racist oneself. The Black Lives Matter movement has highlighted selected incidents involving police and blacks as evidence of systemic racism even though the reality and data show otherwise.

Today in 2021, we are a far cry from MLK’s dream of a race blind society and being judged by one’s character and not by skin color. The Equity and Diversity training upends MLK’s dream and sets the civil rights movement back 50 years.

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