By Jamie Hadden

Guest Writer

May 26, 2021

Last month I wrote about the Greater Idaho project, and their upcoming county elections in Oregon. Well, the results are in, and all five out of the five Oregon counties voting to consider the matter chose the option in favor of leaving Oregon, and becoming part of Idaho. This includes the county directly to our north, Lake County Oregon, which voted a whopping 74% in favor of the measure.

This makes for a total of seven rural Oregon counties that have now indicated a desire to discuss becoming part of Idaho. Most others have not yet voted on the matter.

These results are not in any way binding, nor part of an established process for moving state borders – they merely compel their county commissioners to discuss the topic. But the will of the people has been determined, and the weight of these results provides a motivational boost to the effort, and encouragement to other rural counties to pursue the same.

Conservatives around the nation in low-density, rural areas have been finding they have increasingly little voice in their state governments, and are becoming exasperated with leftists policies and cultural dictates streaming forth from democrat-majority cities and legislatures. The Greater Idaho project is but one outlet for these frustrations. Our neighbors to the West in Modoc, Lassen and Siskiyou have repeatedly pursued leaving California… perhaps they would like to become part of Nevada? More on that at a later time.


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